Recruit Nation Showcase Series gives student-athletes the opportunity to build exposure and recruiting connections.  Hundreds of athletes are on hand to showcase their skill sets and athletic abilities.  Recruit Nation operates more than 500 events across eight sports.

Our Sports

Recruit Nation operates events in eight sports: Football, Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Rugby, Baseball, Softball and Soccer. We focus on developing, branding and inspiring athletes. 

The Recruit Nation Showcase Series is Powered By the 
Dream Scouting Network

"The Recruit Nation Showcase Series are "2 for 1" events. This means participants have the chance to showcase their abilities at the event, PLUS have their information sent to regional college programs by the Dream Scouting Network. There are no other showcases that provide this comprehensive recruiting service."
The DREAM All-American Game Nominations
Recruit Nation Showcase Series participants will automatically considered for an invitation to play in the DREAM All-American Games.  The DREAM Bowl selection committee will review each participant's event performance as well as reviews of game stats and film.  Athletes from all states will be make up the DREAM Bowl rosters.

Our Partners

Phenom Elite's primary mission is to provide high quality gloves and uniforms to teams and football programs at all levels of play. They want the players wearing Phenom Elite to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. 
BallerTV’s mission is to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage so you’ll never miss a game again. More games mean more families staying connected, more footage means more insights, more exposure means more opportunities to get recruited
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